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TRAILER – By Design: The Shaping of Nashville’s Public Schools
On what marks the 67th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case that ruled racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional, the Nashville Public Education [...]
216 coffins: Remembering the Fraterville Mine explosion
The Fraterville disaster is considered one of the worst mining accidents in our nation’s history. On May 19, 1902, 216 miners lost their lives in the explosion. News 2’s Alex Corradetti spoke with Nashville [...]
‘A tornado of flames’: A look back at the Great East Nashville Fire of 1916
The East Nashville we all know and love might not be what it is today if it weren’t for the Great Fire of 1916. “There’s a story of how the fire started, which may or may not be true, that a young child was playing [...]