River and Rail

Learn how the 19th century domination of the river help grow the city and turn it into a manufacturing hub. Hear the story of riverboat gambler turned supporter of religion and how he built a 5,000 seat tabernacle for all dominations. At the turn of the 20th century more railroads came to town, Union Station was completed, and trains became the number one way to ship goods and for people to travel before automobiles and planes became popular. How the Cumberland River with its boats and barges and the rival railroads changed Nashville history. Learn how Nashville became the Flour Mill capitol of the south because of this rivalry. Learn about Captain Tom Ryman and Dutchman’s Curve the worse train crash in United States history.

Private tours may be booked for a maximum of 10 guests and are 2 hours in duration. More time and guests may be requested for an additional fee.