Country Music Hall of Fame

The museum features a multi-media display of historical performances, costumes, instruments, gold records, and memorabilia. Other highlights include a Cadillac that once belonged to Elvis, a massive 40-foot guitar, a tour bus, and a recording booth.

Country Music Hall of Fame: The city of Nashville, Tennessee has produced over 800 songs that made the Billboard Hot 100 list. This volumes covers several decades in country music beginning with Hank Williams Sr. and ending with Carrie Underwood and beyond. It is truly a history of country music in Nashville.

History of Country Music
Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame the place where over a million visitors come every year. Learn behind the scenes stories about famous country artists, their success, heartaches and stories behind their songs. Get a one of a kind tour highlighting country music history not fully explained in the building. Learn how the HOF started decades before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and how and why the new building was constructed.

Private tours may be booked for a maximum of 10 guests and are 2 hours in duration. More time and guests may be requested for an additional fee.