5,000 Amazon jobs for Nashville

See why Amazon picked ‘Music City’ as the home for our new Operations Center of Excellence.

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Nashville History On Tour
The East Nashville we all know and love might not be what it is today if it weren’t for the Great Fire of 1916. “There’s a story of how the fire started, which may or may not be true, that a young child was playing ...
Nashville History On Tour
The Fraterville disaster is considered one of the worst mining accidents in our nation’s history. On May 19, 1902, 216 miners lost their lives in the explosion. News 2’s Alex Corradetti spoke with Nashville ...
Nashville History On Tour
A recent Gallup survey found that 60 percent of its respondents had little to no idea what Juneteenth was. David Ewing, a local historian, joins Chris Davis on OpenLine to give some background on the new federal holiday.
Nashville History On Tour
LIVE in Nashville, Tennessee, exploring the city’s very own Parthenon.
Nashville History On Tour
David Ewing, founder and proprietor of Nashville History on Tour, spoke with Tennessean opinion and engagement director David Plazas.
Nashville History On Tour
Historian David Ewing shares the story of how cotton candy was invented in Nashville and how its discovery is tied to the restaurant at 21c Hotel.
Nashville History On Tour
David Ewing talked about his book, The History of the Ryman Auditorium, detailing how that Nashville venue became a place for civil rights events, political rallies, and the former home of the Grand Ole Opry.
Nashville History On Tour
This weekend Nashville honors one of its most historically significant adopted sons. A large portion of 5th Avenue downtown will become John Lewis Way named in honor of late Georgia Congressman and Civil Rights ...

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Nashville History On Tour
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